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Do you part in saving the planet!


Become part of a changing world and find out how you and your company can become more energy aware and efficient thus reducing consumption and savings. Take charge of the important decisions and speak to RUMM  Energy Management Services are the experts in energy management systems and solutions.

The impact of RUMM Energy Management UK is having a far reaching effect to save our planet and reduce company costs; the benefits are massive not only throughout the company but also economically. RUMM’S  Energy Management Software  is superior and powerful than that of competitors and sets RUMM apart, RUMM is a company that has caught my attention and definitely worthy of recognition for creating awareness and their positive influence in the way the world views energy consumption.

RUMM Energy Management Companies have worked on projects throughout many industry sectors within the UK and Wales.





Save energy, save money….

RUMM energy management UK leaders in energy reduction and savings strive to create Energy management Sustainability with corporate companies throughout the UK and Wales. Many sectors including Energy management manufacturing have benefited greatly from RUMM’S energy savings solutions. Have a look at this case study with how RUMM have saved Enersys excess of £200k pa.

Enersys is the global leader in stored DC power products for industrial applications and has over 100 years of battery experience. It has manufacturing facilities in many countries and sales and service locations throughout.

The Brief

RUMM energy management Wales was engaged at the Newport plant to design and install the most appropriate metering infrastructure, and to provide full energy management services (EMS) in order to attack the annual energy bill of £2.2million.

The Method

Initially 66 electricity, gas and water meters were installed to provide the consumption patterns to target energy saving projects. Half hourly utility data was analysed using the RUMM IBASS (Internet Based Analytical Software Suite) system.

Savings have been achieved across the site but in particular in the extraction and compressor systems where the IBASS data alarming function ensures that savings identified are achieved and will be sustained. Shutdown procedures have led to savings at no capital cost and have led to behaviour change. Low-cost, no-cost savings have been supplemented by capital projects with less than a year payback to give Enersys a structured and successful cost reduction plan.

Why it worked

From executive level through to the shop floor, RUMM worked in partnership with everyone at Enersys. There has been a continuous focus from the company on their investment in RUMM and to achieve break-even and generate net savings as soon as was practicable. The position was reported upon at each formal quarterly meeting which maintained a business footing for the partnership.

Subsequent to passing through the break-even point Enersys has invested in additional metering confident that the information generated would lead to more savings. Area benchmarking and targeting has raised the staff energy awareness – this ensures participation by all in energy saving behaviour leading to continuing success of the RUMM methodology. .

“We are now enjoying savings in excess of £200k pa and have a plan to continue to drive down costs”

Plant Manager & Director, Newport Facility, Enersys


Keep rising energy costs down by reducing consumption & not sure where to begin?

Is your company doing their part in saving energy by reducing energy consumption and being aware of the impact of energy saving on the environment? RUMM are the people to ask in energy saving systems to monitor energy use and identify the areas where energy can be saved in your organisation.

Do you need to keep the rising energy costs down by reducing consumption and not sure where to begin?

RUMM are leading experts in energy management systems providing solutions throughout the UK and Wales offering a full energy management Solution to create bespoke energy management packages which will guarantee a reduction in your business energy usage and costs.

See how RUMM have assisted in the energy management hospitals sector in the UK.

The Client

Amtico International based in Coventry is a specialist manufacturer of high-quality luxury vinyl flooring products. Acquired in 2013 by Mannington Mills, one of the largest flooring companies in the USA, Amtico International has 2 manufacturing plants in Atlanta USA as well as the Coventry UK facility.

The Brief

RUMM were engaged by Amtico at their UK manufacturing facility for a number of reasons:

• legislation requirements to fulfil,

• compliance as part of their ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standard, and;

• the need maintain cost control of their energy use.

The Method

The site accepted the recommendations coming out of by the RUMM CAP to address a number of energy saving technical projects, and install a range of sub-meters and an aM&T system to identify and generate more savings. Amtico contracted RUMM to work in partnership with them over 5 years to continually reduce their energy consumption/cost.

RUMM’s resources contribute support and expertise to the partnership to help guide savings through data analysis, projects manage energy savings initiatives and to attend site regularly to monitor and report progress

The Results

In addition to meeting the brief of compliance to legislation and standards, the energy savings target of £ 1.1m over 5 years of engagement is on schedule. RUMM is now engaged with the USA manufacturing facilities to evaluate opportunity to replicate this service.

Why it Worked?

RUMM brought much needed resource to help deliver savings and were able to utilise the on-site knowledge and experience of Amtico staff. The data analyses that can be carried out remotely helps target and prioritise the next energy saving initiatives, and monitor and report progress to maintain momentum.


RUMM Leaders in Energy Management Solutions

IBASS – Internet Based Analytical Software Suite

RUMM’S Energy Management UK Software known as IBASS is a comprehensive energy management package allowing in depth reporting on utility consumption assisting RUMM and the client to identify areas of high consumption and review regularly their cumulative savings either in terms of energy consumption, carbon emissions or cost.

IBASS offers secure data storage for all the client information collected from Pulse. IBASS allows users to access data concurrently from any location, and with its powerful monitoring section, IBASS energy management software allows users to compare meters, and apply alarm functions to warn of irregular consumption which are notified to the user via email as well as on the home page display, and view analysis across either the whole or part of the site.

For a demonstration of the benefits RUMM’s IBASS energy management software can offer you as part of an aM&T system contact RUMM.


Reduce energy consumption today! – Energy management UK

RUMM would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and looks forward to continue helping clients achieve even further energy savings throughout 2013!

RUMM offers Energy management Wales,  Energy management UK and surrounds.

Read about some of our clients energy reduction and savings:-

General Electric...Year on year energy savings increase from 5% to 21%. Equated to a reduction of 2,685teCO2 emissions and savings of £500k...

Kautex...EMS system on target to achieve a 56% reduction in electricity usage and a 34% gas reduction.

Doncasters...£3.6 million savings. An integrated aM&T system that identified savings within the thermal efficiency field and optimised waste heat.

RPC Group...14% reduction in Specific Energy Consumption and £120k savings in first year using a range of measures from aM&T to the simple installation of lighting timer switches.

Celtic Manor...£20k savings identified following identification of high base loads using RUMM’s intelligent software and implementing staff energy awareness training.

UWIC Tennis Centre...Rapid reductions with an immediate saving of £4,100, a projected 20% saving over the year and an ROI in just 9 months.

Monier Group...Savings of £12,000 in first two months alone, using RUMM's integrated aM&T and software solutions to identify opportunities for energy reduction...